titillating technology

My latest technological discovery–the webcam. Well, actually, my iPod is the latest and I’m in love with it. I sleep with it every night. But the webcam was the discovery just previous to the iPod.
Technology truly is amazing. It makes it so easy for us to stay disconnectedly connected. I read an article today about how Kate Spade doesn’t use email…ever. Seriously. I remember coming home from my mission and swearing that I would never own a cell phone. Yesterday I forgot it at home and I really felt like I had forgotten to brush my teeth. Kind of pathetic, but true. Our computers were down at work the other day and no one could function. No one. We are so dependent on these machines. And yet we love them and get excited about all of the new technology that comes out. We scramble to purchase the latest and greatest and it really does bring some level of happiness…albeit ephemeral, but a rush nonetheless. And the rush lasts until we realize that something better is out there, that your sister’s nano holds 4 gigs, while yours holds only 1 gig, or that your brother has an auxiliary port in his car so his iPod plugs right into his stereo.
To those of you relishing in the rush of your latest purchase I say,

“Enjoy it while it lasts…because it won’t last long.”

As for my iPod and I, we are getting along smashingly, and the pangs of sadness that hit on occasion when I think that I could’ve held out for the 4 gig nano (had the death of my 156 MB mp3 player that I purchased three years ago for $200 not necessitated the purchase of an iPod) aren’t so great as to totally diminish the enjoyment of having all those songs at my fingertips, or ears, as it were.

And the love/hate relationship with technology continues…

bueller?... bueller?... bueller?

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